Applicants often confuse an academic college essay with a Statement of Purpose. However, these two types of written work have critical differences. A letter of motivation has a goal to convey information about you as a person and a potential student, and describe your achievements and goals in the future. Simply put, a motivation letter is a letter about yourself.

As for the college essay, it is a letter from you. It should demonstrate your thinking, analytical, and reasoning skills. Thus, the approach to writing an essay is different from motivational writing. To succeed in writing the best college application essay, you should enter the writing process with fresh ideas and a solid understanding of the main requirements.

If you are going to apply to a university and are currently wondering what the techniques for writing the best college essay are, this guide is perfect for you. Let’s get started!


Guidelines on Writing a College Essay Outline from Scratch

An outline of an essay is the plan of your future written work. Do not underestimate this step, as it simplifies the process of writing and helps you stay organized. When creating an outline for the essay, you have to base it on the future text’s structure.

The golden standard of essays consists of three parts:

  1. Introduction and thesis statement
  2. Thesis with arguments
  3. Conclusion

An essay always contains a thesis, which is the main idea or the position of the author. Any thesis should have approximately two supportive arguments.

When the outline is ready, you are well-prepared to start writing the essay itself. Read on to find out about techniques for writing the best college application essay!


Main Steps to Writing a College Essay that Will Stand Out

When the admissions committee members read an essay, they pay attention to various factors, including:

  • Informativeness of the text
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Appropriate style
  • The integrity of the essay’s parts
  • Absence of plagiarism
  • Clarity of the author’s worldview

To receive high praise, you have to keep all these points in mind throughout the writing process. Sounds overwhelming? Perhaps, a college admission essay writing service is the best option for you. Our service offers a fast, professional solution that will help you achieve your academic goals!

However, if you intend to write a college essay yourself, you should become familiar with all its elements.

  1. Topic

The topic can be pre-determined by the college. For example, “To date, is brainstorming a fairly effective method of solving problems?” In other cases, the educational institution only sets the direction in a particular area: “In your opinion, which style of management has the strongest potential?”. The third option may be for you to choose your topic for a given theme at your discretion. With an independent choice, remember that it is vital to pick the subject on which you can most logically explain your position.

If, as soon as you see the topic, you realize that you have too many doubts about writing it, don’t worry. Our college admission essay writing service will create a written work from scratch to fit all your educational institution’s requirements. Contact us to get started!

  1. Task

When aiming for writing the best college application essay, make sure you understand the task. Often the essay task itself has clues that will help you realize what writing style you should use and how the committee expects you to present information. Here are some words that can help you know how to write your work:

  • Describe. In this case, you need to systematically write about facts, events, or processes, emphasizing their critical points. When describing something, you do not have to explain the essence of the phenomenon or interpret it. Your task here is to show that you are aware of the subject and understand its crucial parts.
  • Explain. In this case, the task will already require an analysis of the topic, and not just its description or generalization. Key questions like “Why?” and “How?” will become your assistants in the explanation process.
  • Argue. If you have to prove something, then the essay’s content should focus on consistent argumentation of your opinion with the help of examples and facts. To succeed in writing the best college essay, do not forget to show your awareness of an opposite point of view.
  • Discuss. Your task will be to describe and interpret the point of view, backing it up with facts and evidence, necessarily taken from third-party sources.
  • Critique. Your main goal will be a critical approach to the task or topic. It is essential to balance both positive and negative points. Try to be objective.
  • Compare and contrast. With this formulation, it is necessary to find and compare the similarities and differences between two ideas, events, or interpretations.

Note that, as a rule, a given topic of an essay is usually a controversial question or judgment and does not imply a definite answer. That is why your task is not to search for an objective solution, which, most likely, simply does not exist, but to set up and argue your point of view.

Understanding the task is the key to a successful written work. If you do not have enough time or experience writing application essays, entrust our college essay writing help service. It is entirely risk-free!

  1. Introduction

Your first task when writing the best college application essay is to create a “hook,” which is a certain sentence that can boost the reader’s interest and is directly related to the main topic. Be original, but don’t overdo it. Find what characterizes your thesis most accurately, such as the opinion of a well-known specialist in this field or a fascinating fact that suits your topic in the best possible way. You can also use other hooks, such as a joke, a rhetorical question, metaphor, and more.

Make sure that the thesis statement in the introduction is clear and concise. Elaborate the idea so that it gradually brings the reader to the main body of the work.

  1. Thesis

When writing the best college essay, you should understand that the thesis is not necessarily a definite fact, an opinion, or the result of your observations. Nor is it an argumentation,  a complex of cause-effect relationships, or a description of a specific phenomenon – all this comes later in the essay. A thesis is the main idea of your essay, the essence of which fits into several statements.

Formulating the thesis can be a challenge, especially when it comes to a crucial task, such as a college application essay. If you do not have enough time to invest in this assignment, college essay writing help is an option that never fails. Our risk-free service will assist you in preparing and submitting an outstanding written work on time.

  1. Arguments

An argument in an essay is an attempt to persuade the reader. At this stage, it is already necessary to describe the reasons that determined your opinion on the thesis. If your given topic does not require any analysis, but rather a description of a set of events, explain why the particular moments you chose to include are critical.

Devote a small paragraph to every argument and monitor the completeness of each. Play on their contrasts – try to make each next section different from the previous one without breaking the logical chain. The main criteria you must observe with argumentation are:

  • Topic
  • Sequence
  • Chronology
  • Contrast

To succeed in writing the best college application essay, avoid stand-alone statements by building a context for each argument.

If you realize that all these requirements are too much to keep in mind, contact us. Our college admission essay writing service professionals will create the perfect written work for your needs.

  1. Conclusion

In the last part of the essay, you need to wrap up your thoughts concisely. Summarize the arguments, briefly repeat the thesis, and finalize the text with a closing sentence.

When writing the best college essay, remember that the conclusion’s aim is not to be informative, but rather summarize what was written. Do not add new arguments at the end of the essay. It is better to add another paragraph to the text’s main body.


How Can I Write a College Application Essay Fast?

If you are running short on time and can’t invest all your attention into the essay writing process, we assume you need help. Our college admission essay writing service is here to save the day!

Applying for college studies is a life-changing moment. That is why we suggest entrusting the creation of the best-written works to our professionals. Having years of experience in the field, our team members know how to create an essay that will stand out in the committee members’ eyes. Contact us now to receive professional college essay writing help in no time!

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