The task to write the problem solution essay is not that hard. You need to

  • identify the problem;
  • make the list of possible solutions;
  • choose the most effective ones.

It is much easier to do if your teacher provides you with a topic – you can immediately start writing your essay or you can order assignment help from Assignment Junkie. But if you are struggling about which topic to choose, then we have created this list of topics for you. They all divided into categories to make it easier to read through them. After you finished the reading, select the most interesting topic, do the prewriting research and start working on it.

10 Best Topics for A Problem Solution Essay

  1. How can the student combine the full-time job and the university studies? Is it possible to redo all the university programs to allow this combination?
  2. Suggest ways on how to protect the wildlife from pollution. Should the government pay more attention to such problems? How can people influence it?
  3. How should the world overcome the problem with global warming? Could there be any changes to the international laws about the air pollution?
  4. What should the companies do to reduce the stress among their employers? How the half-holiday influence the work productivity? Is it possible to give the workers more “work from home” days?
  5. Can the violence in the entertainment and gaming industry be addressed as an influence on the mass shooting? Does the news have the same impact? How can we control the percentage of negative and positive news, which are shown and posted every day?
  6. Is there any solution to the issue of sexual assaults at the university? Should the administration provide the safe places for victims to report rapes?
  7. What should the society do to prevent the problem of early pregnancy? Are the advertisements of contraceptives useful in the modern world?
  8. How does the feminism movement affect the world? What are the next steps in accepting the equal rights for men and women? Should the companies divide the workers by gender or by knowledge?
  9. What are the ways to make the medicine accessible to everyone? Or create the program that will offer the health insurance which covers the cost of most of the medical issues, including the problems associated with a dentist or surgeon’s visit?
  10. Should the government and society pay more attention to the racism? How can people overcome this problem of dividing people by race and religion? What are the steps to create the world without such judging?


  1. Should there be any changes to the learning the foreign languages in school? Should it be an elective or a requirement subject?
  2. Should the schools have the same core curriculum? Or should it be different depending on the main subject?
  3. Is there any influence on the overall school discipline in the places, where the school uniform is obligatory?
  4. Should there be any indulgences for the students with the special needs?
  5. How to overcome the trend of home-schoolers?
  6. What are the ways that can help deal with the plagiarism issue in the studying process?
  7. Is it a good idea to use only the technologies, like phones, tablets or the computer, at school? Or should there still be the opportunity to write by hand in the notebook?
  8. How can the university give a chance to the students to have a job by implementing the online courses and recorded lectures?
  9. How should the school and the university administration react on the pregnant girls? Should it provide her with the material support?
  10. Should the college and the university education be free for everyone? Are there any chances to do that? Will it be useful?
  11. How to create the program which will help the unsuccessful in studies students overcome the stress and keep doing their best?
  12. Should all books be changed to the digital ones?
  13. Is adding the subject about morality will decrease the number of bullying and arguments at school?
  14. Should the art and sports subject be sponsored more than others?
  15. How to make the students want to study more and do not procrastinate?

College life

  1. How can we help our campus friends who have the suicidal thoughts?
  2. Should there be any restrictions to the time when students should be back on campus?
  3. Are there any ways to relieve stress during the exam period?
  4. How to overcome the problem with the sexual assault in colleges?
  5. Should the students pay on everything on their own or is it possible to ask parents to give the money?
  6. What is the best way to overcome the depression after the hard studying period?
  7. What should the professors do to help students study with the effort, but to not overstudying?
  8. How can the student balance social life, studying and hobbies? Is it possible to have a job with such a life routine?
  9. In what ways should the student organize her/his life to be prepared for the exams on time?
  10. How can college students travel cheap and see the whole world?
  11. What can be done to help reduce the price of the dormitory rooms or the apartments of students?
  12. How to deal with the problem of drugs selling on the campus?
  13. What should be done to create the library which will satisfy everyone’s needs?
  14. How to choose the college which will reflect your preferences?
  15. How to protect yourself from having a huge student loan?

Family life and relationship

  1. How to increase the percentage of adopted children?
  2. What changes can be done to the life of the average family, who wants to spend more time outside, but has too many others responsibilities?
  3. Is it possible to help the family who has the child with mental illness?
  4. How to overcome the problem with the child laziness?
  5. Should the parents restrict the usage of the phone or tablet in their children?
  6. Discuss ways about how to increase the family income and do not separate the finances?
  7. Should the parents impose their opinion about the studying and other things? Or should they give a chance to their children to produce their thoughts and express them?
  8. How can the person safely get out of the abusive relationships?
  9. Should children tell everything to their parents or is it better to keep some secrets?
  10. How should parents teach their children that the alcohol, smoking, and drugs are not the way to relax and how these things badly influence the organism and mind?
  11. How to prevent the home violence, when the father or the mother beat the child?
  12. Should the government economically help the parents who have the child with the mental health problem?
  13. How can parents help the child to open its full potential and live the happy life?
  14. Should the teachers be like “school parents” and tell the students about the morality and culture of communication?
  15. Which steps should be taken to overcome the problem with the unexpected pregnancy?


  1. Should we create the mental health programs, which are free for everyone?
  2. How can the police department influence the culture of living in the local town/city?
  3. Should the gun control laws be provided in the most dangerous areas, where people are not safe without weapons?
  4. What is the role of the school or university in preventing the suicides among the students?
  5. Should the government of the country take care of every immigrant, especially undocumented ones?
  6. Should the new generations decrease the time they spend with their coworkers and spend more time on their hobbies?
  7. How can the companies regulate the problem of discrimination in their workplace?
  8. Should the social media be restricted during the working process?
  9. Why do people change their houses to fully techno equipped and how to prevent it?
  10. Should the government be more strict in the questions of child labor?
  11. How to punish the companies which allow the child labor?
  12. What can the citizens do to prevent the employment of children? Is it possible to create a charity for funding children?
  13. How can the companies create the new working places even in the time when technologies change the person on the work?
  14. How can the government regulate the long-term unemployment? Should it pay money for people who don’t work over the years?
  15. Should there be the programs which help people to find a job, even if the person doesn’t have experience?


  1. How to prevent using the phone and texting on it during the driving? Is there any way in which it will be possible to turn the phone off at the moment the driver get to the car?
  2. Should there be any changes to how the students are trained to be drivers?
  3. How to improve the controlling of the road system to decrease the number of traffic jams?
  4. How to control the drunk drivers? Is it possible to create a special instrument which will measure the level of the alcohol in the organism when you sit in the car?
  5. Should the way how people learn the theory of driving be changed?
  6. How should you react to the policeman request to stop your car?
  7. What is the best way for you to driving your car carefully and do not have any troubles?
  8. Should the federal government have a strict law about the violation of speed mode?
  9. How to handle people who are your friends and want to drive the car into the drunken condition?
  10. Ways which can use to prevent the crushes because of the darkness?
  11. How can the students afford themselves a car during the university years?
  12. Why should people stop using the private transport and start riding only on the public ones? How can it help the ecological situation?
  13. How to improve the parking system in the city to prevent the illegal parking?
  14. Should there be any changes to the law which regulates the driving in the drunken condition?
  15. What can be done to protect the sidewalk from the cars?


  1. Should the schools and universities motivate all students to do exercises and play sports games?
  2. How should the sports overcome the problem with the injuries? Do they need to have an additional job?
  3. How can the sportsman prepare for the retirement?
  4. What improvements can be in your local team? How can they influence the successful results?
  5. Should the sports media pay more attention to unpopular sports?
  6. What ways can help the sportsmen to reduce stress except for drugs?
  7. Is it possible to remaster the payments system in the sport to make the players get the same amount of money as the owners and managers?
  8. How to influence the people who push their children too much in sports?
  9. How to overcome the depression after the big fault in the competition?
  10. How to use the mental preparation to achieve the best results in sport?
  11. Should the professionals share their knowledge with the young generation of the athletes?
  12. How to increase the number of fans who are going to the games?
  13. Should every school has the basketball, football and volleyball teams?
  14. What changes should be done in the law about steroid usage in professional sport?
  15. How to create the more useful and efficient interviews with the sportsmen after the games?
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