Once, Margaret Heffernan, a successful businesswoman noticed: “;For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”; Everything starts with a brilliant idea. Writing a research paper is not an exclusion. Choosing a topic for your essay is a challenging task. However, if you’re sure that mission is impossible, you’re wrong. Let’s overview the main factors that deeply affect your project topic selection.

Factors Affecting Your Decision of Choosing a Good Research Topic

A student’s life usually has a tough schedule, so sometimes it’s impossible to put enough time into searching for an interesting topic for writing. However, if you may choose your own topic, take advantage of this and consider the following factors. They will definitely help you simplify a tedious and time-consuming process of searching.

  1. Determine your interest area. If a huge variety of topics puzzles you, firstly you need to go with your gut. Try to opt for a topic you are passionate about because it’s very difficult and boring to work in an unfamiliar, dull issue. You can make a list of your preferences and have it in front of your eyes to settle on one among them.
  2. Make sure that there is enough information on your topic. The data collection process is a very important step in any educational activity. Prior to settling on the topic, you need to check all the possible sources such as the Internet, articles, textbooks, libraries, archives, etc. to assure yourself that you have an access to reliable yet comprehensive material to write a body of your paper.
  3. Check your level of experience. It is great that you’re interested in a topic, but you need to have at least a basic knowledge of the chosen research. Having some personal experience is a plus since you will need to investigate the less amount of information.

Things to Remember while Wandering among Research Paper Topics

  1. Consider that a topic lies within your area of interest.
  2. Interesting subjects are always covered by online newspapers, so you won’t have difficulty in finding the data.
  3. Make sure that your topic describes a vivid problem. Propose thrilling, workable solutions to your problem in order to engage your audience and keep them interested.
  4. Before starting the research, keep several (3-4) subjects in hand. You may face unforeseen obstacles, so having alternatives will help you cope with them painlessly.
  5. Don’t hurry. Haste makes waste.
  6. Try to use firstly primary data to give your paper more realistic touch and add value to your work.

Get ready that the process of searching for research project ideas and writing it is time-consuming. This, opt for a topic that will be able to sustain your interest. If you’re planning to run your business or pursue a career in politics, you can overview the list of suggested topics for students and find the appropriate one reflecting your interests. All the topics are divided into categories for your convenience. This well-structured system will save your time and effort while searching for your favorite one. There are topics that cover almost all possible categories like medicine, education, business, art, science, wed design, philosophy, and many more. You will 100% find an area to focus on.

Research Paper Ideas on Technology

With each passing year, technological progress becomes more noticeable and disputable. There are tons of new devices, fuel-efficient cars, 3D development, and other outstanding technologies that cause not less and sometimes more concerns.

  1. The importance of cybersecurity.
  2. How can companies effectively utilize cybersecurity in their police?
  3. How does cybercrime impact nowadays businesses?
  4. The benefits of using robots in the manufacturing industry.
  5. How can robots help to create more efficient manufacturing operations?
  6. Can technology stop global warming?
  7. Technology use among adults.
  8. People spend more time on tech than asleep.
  9. The impact of digital devices on nowadays youth.
  10. Can modern teens live without playing video games?
  11. Can using tech improve your quality of life?
  12. The role of rapid technology boom for education.
  13. The role of tech in different areas of life.
  14. Are modern devices a boon for children?
  15. The problem of the extensive use of modern devices.

Research Paper Ideas on Education

Education is one of the widely used topics for a research. Selecting this category will definitely grab the audience’s attention because of familiarity with the issue.

  1. The types of discrimination in education.
  2. Students with disabilities and special classrooms for their needs.
  3. Role of parents in the education of the children.
  4. Playing video games vs academic performance.
  5. How to make higher education more accessible for everybody?
  6. Abortion among teens.
  7. The problem of funding in education.
  8. Does education need new forms of assessment?
  9. The problem of drug and alcohol on a campus.
  10. Homeschooling: is it effective?
  11. Possible punishments for failing school.
  12. What to do if you have failing grades in school?
  13. Is it reasonable to make school lessons shorter?
  14. Should girls study separately from boys?
  15. Should schools require students to wear uniforms?

Research Paper Ideas on Internet

  1. A web space is endless, so there are millions of topics on this subject that can be taken into consideration.
  2. Communication through internet vs real-life interaction.
  3. Is it possible to find real friends online?
  4. How to use social media to connect with your family and friends?
  5. The problem of trust through the internet.
  6. Is internet harmful to kids, teens, youth?
  7. Acess to pornography.
  8. Internet as an unlimited source of information.
  9. The problem of digital piracy.
  10. Who Controls the Web?
  11. Plagiarism as a disaster in modern writing.
  12. The evils of WWW.
  13. Internet addiction vs internet freedom.
  14. Has the web become more reliable than TV?
  15. Using automated voice systems.
  16. Online shopping is a mainstream in the coming years.

Research Paper Ideas on Health and Medical Treatment

  1. Health care is always changing. There are numerous discoveries and innovations to discuss:
  2. Concerns on health care and insurance.
  3. Old theories vs new discoveries in treatment.
  4. How does diet impact your health?
  5. Celebrities who survived cancer: the happy end is possible.
  6. Health reform: concerns and problems.
  7. Medicines that kill.
  8. Popular diet myths.
  9. How to lose weight quickly and effortless?
  10. Conventional and alternative treatment for cancer patients.
  11. The problem of the high cost of cancer treatment.
  12. Is euthanasia a murder?
  13. Education on nutrition in schools and colleges.
  14. Technology and health care: real perspectives of this vital mix.
  15. Negative effects of being a vegetarian.
  16. The effect of fashion on anorexic women phenomenon.

Research Paper Ideas on Psychology

Psychology is a brilliant choice for your research paper since it covers vital problems related to the human mind and behavior in everyday life.

  1. How do conscious stressful situations impact human behavior?
  2. The link between mental and physical health.
  3. The problem of parental negligence.
  4. How does stress impact physical health?
  5. Does Genetics determine intelligence?
  6. The problem of hyperactive kids.
  7. How to change bad habits?
  8. Using hypnosis in therapy.
  9. How bad thoughts influence the human mood?
  10. The problem of depression in the digital society.
  11. Biological and psychological roots of sociopathy.
  12. The influence of online social networks on human mental health.
  13. Why do people decline live communication in favor of a digital one?
  14. How to avoid occupational burnout?
  15. How do different colors effect on mental states?

Research Paper Ideas on Sport

Many people can’t live without sport. They spend much time playing different games, watching the playoffs on TV, visiting various championships, etc.

  1. The problem of doping in sports.
  2. Can women compete against men in different kinds of sport?
  3. The problem of steroids legalization.
  4. The effect of sports on children.
  5. Yoga is an effective way to lose weight.
  6. The influence of yoga practices on mental health.
  7. The difference between American and Britain sports preferences.
  8. Sports as a weighty part of character formation.
  9. Cross-gender coaching in colleges.
  10. Corruption in FIFA and its influence on sportsmen.
  11. Women and weightlifting.
  12. The correlation between aggression and hockey.
  13. What do you think about using animals in sports?
  14. Betting on sports events and the ways of prohibition.
  15. Sports is a cause of life-term injuries.

Research Paper Ideas on the Environment

These topics are vital and require deep discussion among students.

  1. Is overpopulation possible? What do statistics say?
  2. GMO: is it really dangerous for health?
  3. How to stop global warming?
  4. The effect of nuclear power on people.
  5. Is it possible to predict hurricanes?
  6. Climate change policy. Is it effective?
  7. Air quality becomes worse. What to do?
  8. Water pollution is of great concern.
  9. How to protect existing healthy ecosystems?
  10. The development of technology vs a healthy environment.
  11. Recycling: pros and cons.
  12. Oil resources vs renewable energy.
  13. The effect of pesticides on the quality of fruits and vegetable.
  14. The problem of pollution: oceans and seas.
  15. The problem of habitat loss.

Research Paper Ideas on Art

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