People have a lot of questions and want to get answers to them. So that, they read different books, watch movies, and go to the theatre. It helps them find answers to their questions.

When it comes to creating something, it’s very important to get inspiration. It seems to be easy to create something, but it’s not. When students have an assignment to write an essay, they can be a little stressed, because they don’t know what to start with. But there are a lot of pieces of advice about how to write this paper. And I have prepared a guide to write it in several steps.

If you want your paper to be interesting, you can write about children dying because of the hunger in Africa, or gender inequality in the Third World countries.

To start working on it, it’s necessary to understand what it means and which particularities it has, what it differs from other types of the essay with. During studying at school or the university, an article is an integral part of the studying. It’s not very difficult to create a real masterpiece if you know the main rules how to do it. I hope this article will help you create a fascinating essay and get a high grade.

Before starting to write a paper, you should determine what you are writing about, which topics you are interested in, which issues exist in the modern society. This is a very important step in creating your essay. It’s easier when you can choose a topic for yourself. When the topic is familiar, it’s easier to express your thoughts.

The first step to your goal is doing research. This is a very important one. To do research, you need to gather all the necessary information. Go to the library or monitor the Internet for picking up all the data required helping you form the base for writing. There are a lot of the publicistic articles and step-by-step guides to writing essays on the Internet. Before writing the paper, you can draw a table or describe a scheme of work to organize your thoughts.

After doing previous steps, you can go to the introduction that is an essential part of any paper because the purpose of this part is presenting a situation or problem. It aims to attract the reader’s attention and urge them to read whole text. The body part follows the introduction aiming to develop the problem and offer exciting solutions supported by conclusive arguments, and ideas. If you prepare a step-by-step outline, it will be easy for you to form the body part of the text. To prove your arguments, you should exemplify all of them and illustrate them with shining examples from the life, instead articles, literature pieces, movies, and others.

When it comes to the body part, you should begin it with the most persuasive argument. Here, you should cover a topic using different examples from your life, world history, literature, folklore, movies, articles, and so on. You should illustrate the argument from different sides. At the end of the paper, a conclusion goes, where you retell all the main thoughts from the body part briefly and emphasize all the benefits of your solution. It makes the text completed in a very laconic form presenting the essence of all the thoughts stated in the body of the essay.

Which question do you need to ask?

An argumentative essay consists of the question and answers to it proven with compelling evidence.

When you are writing an argumentive essay, it should answer the next questions:

  1. What is a reason of thean; issue occurring within particular social groups?
  2. Which people have influenced of this issue and which way?
  3. Which potential solutions to the issue can you offer in your paper?
  4. Which pros and cons do particular solutions have?
  5. Which new information should readers get to know about the issue having read your essay?

Types of the arguments

There are several types of the argument that I want to list and explain each of them:

  • Claims of cause and effect. This type of paper is focusing on the reason for the problem, and it results.
  • Claims of definition. This type of paper is focusing on different interpretations of one definition and shows the reader how much different things seem to be when to see on them in different ways.
  • Claims of policy. This one covers a topic of the particular policy, tells the reader who has impacted it, its main features and particularities. This type is prevalent in sociology and government classes.
  • Claims of fact. This one explores the authenticity of the particular fact using different sources telling about this fact. Also, this type verifies the truthfulness of these sources.
  • Claims of value. This type of essay determines the value for particular social groups and the reasons why a particular value is essential for it to.

Which argument strategies can be used in the argumentive essay?

Depending on that fact how the issue is argued, there are three types of argument strategies being able to use in the paper including a classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin argument strategies:

  • The rogerian strategy is used when the author of the essay want to find a compromise between different sides of the conflict. Here, there aren’t any winner and losers because the primary purpose of such kind of essay is to find an ultimate agreement.
  • Classical Argument. This is the most popular one and represents an issue, describes the context, provides the claim and key argument, and the conclusion.
  • Toulmin argument. This one is resembling a classical case but has some differences from it. It relies on the logic to express a position of the author. Sometimes, it uses exceptions to demonstrate the truthfulness of the statement.

How to write an introduction paragraph of the essay?

As mentioned, an introduction part is an important component of the essay representing a background of the problem and involving a reader in the reading process. The first you need to write a representative title helping cover the topic of the essay. For attracting the reader’s attention, use specials literature methods including rhetorical questions, statistics, facts, quotations, anecdotes, retelling the episodes from novels, films or your own life. If any words need to be explained, you should explain them with relevant definitions. At the end of the introduction, the thesis statement goes helping communicate your position.

How to write a body paragraph?

This part of your paper includes from six to fifteen and more sentences. The main purpose of this paragraph is to develop the main thesis statement. In this paragraph, you should do the next steps:

  • Identify and describe the problem
  • Present several sides of the problem
  • Research the side of the question that the author of the essay believes the most
  • Proove the position of the author with examples and illustations
  • Give the reader pieces of advice.

This type of the essay differs from others with some particularities. At the end of the reading, the reader has to understand the issue or controversy closely and choose the solution of the problem. If you want the reader to make a reasonable decision at the end of the reading, use some literature methods including references to authoritative resources, examples from the literature pieces, movies, and real life, statistics, facts, and researches.

How to write a conclusion?

As usual, this paragraph is the shortest one compared to other parts of the essay. In this part, the author tells about the most compelling reasons for choosing the best solution to the problem. A writer should assure the reader in the rightness of their answer.

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