The dilemma of each student continues as they are given endless tasks from school in order to learn. Included in these tasks are essays that seem to never run out. You might still be wondering, “how do I write an essay” and pulling your hair out at not knowing how to do one.

An essay is just a short formal piece of writing with a simple subject. Since an essay is formal, there are requirements one must consider for it to be done correctly. Here, we have provided some simple guidelines to help you get through the challenge of how to write an essay and overcome the pressure of how to write a good essay during these stressful times.

What Do You Need to Remember?

Answering how to write a good essay should not be too hard when you follow the suggestions below.

1.    Be Familiar With Your Subject

Being able to know a lot of things about your topic will help you distribute the ideas in each part of your essay format and help you with explaining your points. This makes it easy and efficient for you to do your essay. With that being said, when it comes to how to write an essay, you should first master your topic before writing. You can’t generate ideas from a topic when you don’t have any idea about it. We suggest that you read books, articles, and other reliable sources related to your topic before you proceed to write.

2.    Make a List

As you continue your research, make sure to list down the ideas that are important. You can also include the ones that resonate with you. As you read through your resources, make sure to always take into account the name of the author, publishing company, and other important information for the list of your references. You can use this list all throughout your essay writing as you can always go back and refer to it whenever you need to support a point.

3.    Don’t Forget to Rest

You should remember not to drown yourself in “how do I write an essay” problems. Everyone deserves to rest. If you think you are tired of generating words and ideas for your essay, then listen to your body. You can always go back and continue provided that you are still within your timetable to meet that deadline of yours.

4.    Review Your Work

Now that you’re already finished with your essay, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. But always remember that you still shouldn’t waste any opportunity to enhance your writing. If you have ample time before your deadline, it doesn’t hurt to re-read your work, check if it has the proper essay format, and revise anything that you can improve.

5.    Cite References

Giving full credit to the rightful owner of the idea or excerpt that you included in your work is very important. When it comes on how to write an essay, citing your references prevents you from committing plagiarism. Plagiarism is an act of using someone else’s ideas or words without crediting them. It is an act of stealing. According to U.S. law, there is a corresponding sanction for this type of action for as long as the stolen material has been recorded in a book or a computer file. In case you are asking “how do I write an essay without committing plagiarism,” these are some of the ways on how you can avoid it:

  1. Diligently create a list of the materials you used in your essay.
  2. Give credit to the original author through a reference list.
  3. Use plagiarism checkers to review your work.
  4. Make sure to put more of your own ideas and understanding in your work rather than the sources you have gathered.

From the title of sources you lifted from the internet to the authors of the books you have read, even the year they were published – everything must be listed. Here are some of the common types in which you can present your sources.

  1. Reference list. This is a list, on a separate page, of all the sources you have used. All the information will be included in the list for the reader to easily find it.
  2. In-text citation. The citations can be found all throughout the essay. It is placed with the text or idea you used.

The Standard Essay Format

In writing an essay, the question of “what is a standard essay format” is never far. Your professor must have given you additional instructions for you to shape your essay, but in case there isn’t any, the basic essay format is listed below.

The Three Main Parts of an Essay

These are the three main parts of how to write an essay that you should pay careful attention to.

1.     Introduction

An introduction is an important part of the answer when asking “how to write a good essay” because it’s the first thing your readers will be faced with. It’s true that the title gives the reader an idea of what the essay is about, but the introduction should also be as catchy as the title. Here, you are giving the readers a glimpse of what your whole essay can offer. You should make your introduction as informative but also as entertaining as possible. This will spark your readers’ interest and urge them to read the rest of your essay.

2.     Body

After giving a short statement of your subject, this part will now be your discussion. On how to write an essay, the middle part will provide an argument or a statement of the problem together with the contradicting opinions about it. You will explain to the reader what it is that you want them to discover through your essay. Of course, you cannot give such arguments or discussion without getting help from books, articles, and opinions from reliable people who are knowledgeable about your topic. It’s very important to serve valid facts and well-thought ideas that are evidenced by a study or facts for it to be genuinely supportive of your narrative.

3.     Conclusion

The arguments or sides you have presented in the body should now come together and make sense in the conclusion. All the ideas that you have pointed out in the body will be summarized here. If what you have provided in the body is an argument, this part is where you will give a solution to the problem, while if it’s an issue, the results of the matter should be presented to the reader.

This is the basic format for how to write an essay formally:

  •     It must have a specific and uniform margin, commonly 1 inch on all sides.
  •     It must have a specific and uniform line spacing like double spacing and no spaces in between paragraphs.
  •     The ideal font is Times New Roman, font size 12.
  •     The page headers should contain at least the author’s last name while making it as short as possible.
  •     The headings and the subheadings should have different formatting styles and sizes.
  •     The page numbers are usually placed on the page headers.
  •     The indentation is normally 5 spaces or half an inch.

Those are the common essay format requirements you have to follow. You have to see to it that each part is connected to each other. It should be organized so as to make it easier for the reader to understand what you’re trying to say. Eliminate any redundant statements and unnecessary sentences to make the essay as brief but enlightening as possible.

The Key to How to Write A Good Essay: Things to Remember

Now that we have provided you what is a standard essay format about, all you need to do is to create and weave together the points you want to discuss with the sources you have gathered and carefully analyzed. From the start of your essay, the introduction, to the conclusion, all must be logically written and organized so as not to confuse the reader.

The how to write an essay query has been answered as you keep in mind these simple tips we have presented to you. You have to realize that the more personal your writing is, the more it will be interesting and relatable. So don’t be afraid to express what you believe and be firm about it.

We hope that these simple guides are helpful to you. Should you need more help, we are here to assist you. We exist to help students like you to get an excellent mark with your essay. Our team is composed of professionals that are well versed in these types of writings, so you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to contact us, and we can work on that essay of yours immediately!

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