In all kinds of ways, you will always prefer hanging around with friends instead of writing an essay in literature. Even if you have a strong desire to study this evening, there are dozens of distractions around you. Sometimes, it is really hard to focus on assignments (especially if this theme is not your cup of tea). What should you do if all these situations are well-familiar to you? Academic assignments won’t do themselves and sooner or later, you will be made to postpone all other activities and immerse yourself into a fascinating academic world (even if you don’t want it).

We decided to simplify your life and created a list of all tips which will help you organize your thoughts and finally focus on academic tasks. Writing your essays, papers or reviews, you should be concentrated on this particular task. Otherwise, constant distractions will influence the general quality of this paper.

1. Check Your Study Area.

Just take a look at the place where you study. Does it influence your learning efficiency? This particular place should be associated with studying only. In this scenario, you’ll notice your productivity will become much better! Turn off your TV or radio, air the room and remove all other distracting factors.

2. Start Using Self-Blocking Apps.

This advice is for those who really can’t imagine their lives without smartphones. In very deed, today it is easy to keep in touch with parents, friends, relatives or teachers. Nevertheless, you don’t always use your handy for right reasons. Statistically, students hang on with friends in online messengers or social networking sites more than talk to their parents. In very deed, it is hard to focus on a foremost essay or do math assignment when your smartphone constantly rings.
Modern software market offers a worthy solution to this issue – self-control apps. The program will block all distracting websites until you do your homework.

3. Drink Enough Water.

It was scientifically proved that when a person is enough hydrated, it will be easier to focus on assignments. Otherwise stated, water can improve concentration abilities. For that reason, you should always drink 2 l of water per day.

4. You Can Turn on the Background Music.

The background music can help you be focused on everyday tasks (if you don’t listen to your favorite hits and sing along to a tune). It also helps to separate oneself from the distracting noise. Scientists recommend listening to classical or ambient music.

5. Create Simple Rewards.

Sometimes, it really helps students be more organized. To test whether this rule works in your particular situation, you should try! Try to work following this rule:
• Study for 20-30 minutes
• Do your favorite activities for 10 minutes.
Mostly, this rule really works and allows collegers be more organized. This is like a sports competition when you should complete tasks against the clock.

6. Subdivide Your Goals into Separate Units.

To explain this rule, it is necessary to give an example. For instance, you need to write a long and complicated research paper. To submit it on time and not to become demented, you should subdivide this task into several smaller units. You should conduct a research today, the next day should be devoted to an introductory part, etc. When you segregate your targets, it will be easier to meet this challenge!

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